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Small Business is the name of the game at our festival. That’s why we want to help grow yours! We would love to distribute your company’s promotional material to our guests, list you on our website as a sponsor and more, as a thank you for contributing towards making the first annual Harrisburg Dessert Festival happen.

As a sponsor, your contribution will work towards boosting business and exposure for local, small business entrepreneurs right in and around your community by means of increasing advertising for our event, and increased amenities guests can look forward to, resulting in an increase of overall sales.

Things to Know:

  • You do not need to be a dessert-themed business to be a sponsor.
  • Any contribution, both monetary and in-kind donations, at any dollar amount, can be used in support of the event.
  • All contributing businesses will be listed on our website as a sponsor.
  • All promotional material our sponsors would like to distribute at the event will be included in guests’ tote bags for the first 600 guests.
  • Donations of $200 or more will also have a banner with their company logo displayed at the event.

Click below to learn more about how to become a sponsor, or send a message for more information. You may also submit your contribution right here on the website!


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