Ticket Information

Tickets are just $10 for ages 5 and up. Anyone 4 and under are able to attend free of charge. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.com, Allevents.in, and Cecescakeshop.com. How do you know which website is right for you? Let’s find out!

(Important Note: A mandatory parking fee of $15 must be paid per vehicle at the time of arrival. This will be paid directly to the Farm Show.)

Cece’s Cake Shop

What am I looking at?

Above you’ll find the confirmation page for each of the available websites. Each photo shown is for one ticket sale as an example.


-Each platform has individual tickets for ages 5+ set at $10, with ages 4 & under free.

-You will receive an email confirmation of purchase for each website.

-Each website provides the option to pay by credit/debit card.

-Payment transactions are encrypted using SSL technology, confirming that each site can be trusted with safe payments, which is most important!

Primary Differences

Cecescakeshop.com does not charge a fee for purchasing tickets on the website, however Allevents.in & Eventbrite.com do charge a small fee, eventbrite.com being the most expensive.

-In the order summary email, Eventbrite also includes the address to the event, as well as the date & time the Festival will take place. This may make it more convenient to remember the additional details when the day comes, as allevents.in & cecescakeshop.com do not have that feature.

Cecescakeshop.com & Eventbrite allow for payments to be made by PayPal as well, Allevents.in does not.

-On the confirmation page, as seen above, Cecescakeshop.com will reflect more of an “order placed,” where allevents.in & Eventbrite reflect more of a “Ticket Sold” page. This in & of itself will not make a difference in terms of access to the Festival.

Allevents.in & Eventbrite also include a GPS map to the event location on the detail page, cecescakeshop.com does not.

Should you decide to hold off on purchasing tickets online, they will also be made available at the door for the same price! However, please keep in mind that tickets will be purchased by one order window on the day of the event, and this may create a bit of a lag in entry. Cash or card will be acceptable on the day. Whether tickets are purchased online or at the door, all parties will receive a wrist band at the door confirming their attendance, and anyone interested in entering our raffle will receive a tear-off ticket at the door as well. The first 596 entrants (awkward amount, I know), will receive a plastic tote bag, with information from our sponsors, a free Festival pen, and more! Children under 13 will also receive an empty plastic tote bag to fill with any candy they may come across throughout the event!

Feel free to send a message with any questions you may have prior to your purchase. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the First Annual Harrisburg Dessert Festival!