What’s Changed?

The first annual Harrisburg Dessert Festival in 2022 allowed us to better analyze public opinion, and overall how to make our 2023 event that much better. One of the biggest hindering factors in the enjoyment opportunity was the price. & we hear you! That’s why for 2023, we’ve lowered the price of admission to $8 (previously $10) per person, as well as increased the child-eligible ticket age to 12. That’s right, ages 12 & under get in completely free! As well, keep an eye out for discounts throughout the year to save even more. At this time, we are also working to lower (or potentially eliminate) the cost of parking on-site. And all of that money saved can be used towards supporting Bethesda Mission through the raffle, or more of your favorite local businesses!

Other Changes Q & A:

Will there still be a good bit of dessert vendors? Absolutely! In fact, our goal is to DOUBLE the amount of vendors from our previous year, to accommodate a wider variety of sweets, like milkshakes, fried Oreos, even assorted sticky buns!

I didn’t know about the 2022 event, how do I stay informed about 2023? Hit “Subscribe” below for email updates regarding the event, exclusive subscriber-first sale notifications, and more! Local businesses will also begin to receive flyers in the Spring, and we will begin to significantly advertise around this time. Fox 43, PennLive, Facebook, Farmshow.pa.gov, Central Penn Business Journal, and Wink 104 did an AMAZING job contributing to our outreach, & we intend to continue to partner with them in 2023. Stay tuned!

Last year a Marshmallow Maze was promised, what happened? This was unfortunately one that fell through the cracks. Our supplier was no longer able to fulfill the request, & we were notified too late. As a result moving forward, ALL vendors, competitions, and activities listed on the website will be contracted by confirmed, verified, & reputable 3rd party suppliers if applicable.

Will the host of the event, Cece’s Cake Shop, also have a booth at 2023’s event? Yes! This next event will have the opportunity to try or purchase goodies from Cece’s Cake Shop, including vegan and gluten free, as well as tons of other amazing treats from our local business friends!

Will there be free samples within the ticket price? Yes! For 2023, we are requiring all dessert/candy vendors to include samples on their table, and we will provide free trays to our guests for convenience.

What’s new for the event’s activities? Our first year was dedicated to all things sugar, and our output of each activity fit the theme in some way. However, this year, we’re centering the theme around the beloved Willy Wonka, with Chocolate-Factory-Style decor, activities, and even Wonka himself to pay us a visit! More to come on activities soon!

What if I still have questions? We encourage them! Send a message using the button below to get in touch, we would love to help!